Thursday, March 19, 2009

On The Coast of Some Place Beautiful

There is just no denying we love our craft. We all have family members who shake their heads because just about every time they see us, we have needles in our hands. And on those rare occasions when we don't have needles, we have catalogs in our hands that have needles in them. We love our craft.

But, boy, we can get sick of a project.

Every project starts out with hope and gleeful anticipation. We see something in a picture, we grab those sticks and that string and we are going to make that picture come to full dimension reality. We start and race toward that finish line.

And sometimes it just gets boring.

We love it when we get to master a new pattern and it comes out looking just as it ought - and sometimes even better - we love it.

Except when we do it over and over

and over.

But we keep going because we know it's the destination and not just the journey. Because we know that if it's just boredom we should keep going because it's a phase we knitters get to when we're about done. It's an interesting phenomenon that happens. We just want it over.

But the only way it's truly over is when it gets done.
And when it's done we end up:

On the coast of some place beautiful.
Worth the trip.


Melodye said... I understand the wanting it to be over, but I'm glad you perservered. It was worth it!

Susie said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I love the color!

Beverly said...

Thank you, my friends. I'm glad I finished it, too. Now if I can just get someone to buy it!


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