Thursday, April 16, 2009

Conviction of the Heart

Yes, the little voice inside my head won out. The little scarf voice that kept saying "Make me, make me!" and I was resistant because it isn't the right season for a scarf. It was very insistent and I finally gave in and put it one the needles.

Do you see the new fu-fu slubby yarn I got from Hobby Lobby? It's called Artistic and it's named after...artists - go figure. I have some Van Gogh and I have some Raphael. This is Mondrian. I must admit I love it! I would see it in the store and I would finger it and talk to it and tell it I would love to bring it home so it could live with the rest of my yarn. But then I would have to explain to it that my home would be different than what it was used to. My yarn stash consisted of little street urchins not upscale princes and princesses who were somehow displaced. And I would leave it on the shelf and sigh.

I would never have purchased it when it was $9.85 but all of it was in the clearance racks at $1.99. So here it is in my yarn stash - yes, I know it can feel humiliated but the other yarns have made it feel right at home. They know what is among them as do I. The Mondrian has no problem being seen with the Caron by the Pound and they (along with my beloved rosewood needles) are making a very lovely scarf.

If I say so myself.

Thanks to Susie for making a comment on my striped bag from yesterday saying it looks like it could hold a Kindle! I will have to put that suggestion in the shop description!


cici said...

Pretty!!! and I love the fu-fu added. That was more of a steal than a bargin

Beverly said...

Hey girlfriend!
It was a steal and one that didn't break any of the commandments. You know i went to both hobby lobby stores just to clean them all out.

Susie said...

You're very welcome, darlin! I think this scarf will be absolutely adorable. By the way, if you talk to the yarn, that's ok. If it starts talking back we may have to consult professionals. Haha! Have a great weekend!

Beverly said...

I don't think there's any reason to talk to the yarn if you think it won't answer back. That would be crazy!


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