Sunday, April 26, 2009

Conviction of the Heart

The Sit & Knit or SNK as Knitting Knoobie coined it, was a success. Not everyone who RSVP'd showed, but there were a couple of dozen knitters who came and sat on the Veranda of Pleasant Home - Mills Park and did some stitching for Compassionate Care Hospice.

Lisa, on the left, was the first to arrive and she did not know how to knit. She has a friend who does high end doggy sweaters and that friend gave her acrylic needles and merino yarn. I was assigned to teach newbies to knit and I tested my new teaching theory which is to teach people how to do a knit cast on because it's almost the same as teaching them the knit stitch. I am glad to say Lisa, Georgia and Aida were all knitting within a half hour! Lisa picked it up within minutes - this girl is going to be a knitting fiend. Georgia is going to be great, too, she has beautiful hand rhythm. I moved my registration table to the porch because I was stuck inside all last year and didn't want a repeat of that. The day started out rainy, cleared up long enough for some of our knitters to take a tour of the mansion (you can't take photos of the inside or you would have them here) and then stormed off and on and we stayed dry on the veranda throughout the whole thing.

You've heard me talk about Marilyn. Here she is already starting to put the squares together for the hospice afghan. I made my squares earlier - I made about twenty of them to get us started. She loves the challenge of getting all these different squares and making them somehow cohesive and she manages to do a great job of it.

Can I also tell you the food was great? Oh, my gosh. The grapes, cheese, goat cheese stuff tomatoes, chips, crackers, bagels and Georgia made her addictive sun teas and lemonade. Our thanks again to our corporate sponsor P.J. Clarkes.
Our youngest knitter was a teenager and our oldest is older than Marilyn (and Marilyn taught Mary how to knit - you know, that Mary.)

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Susie said...

Oh I'm so glad it was a success! The place looks gorgeous, the women wonderful and the food delish. And knitting too??? How fun!

my7kids said...

I am so glad you had a nice day, good time, meaningful project, and new converts. How fine!


MagicMarkingsArt said...

How awesome is that? I would love to be at peace, on a large veranda, with a bunch of women, eating good food, sharing great stories, and knitting for a cause....
thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I wish that I had known about this. Last year was in May, and I was looking to that time for this year. Please let the Oak Park SnB group know if you are doing this again. I am the new moderator. You can find us on Raverly.


Beverly said...

Hey Francis;
I thought we had some members of the Oak Park SnB at this year's event. But I will make sure to let you know about next year's event. We had to have it earlier because the House is booked for weddings during May. I'm sorry you missed it.


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