Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm telling ya, this doing your own business thing can really get you going. Between Twitter, Etsy, Elance and all the things I have to check, it's a wonder I can remember to blog and sometimes even knit.

I have no pending projects.
Did you hear me?
No, pending projects..and the next thing on my schedule?
Start new project.

Believe it or not, I'm not complaining. I'm actually having fun. There's a reason I don't have pending projects: I finished them both last night.
It took all of a day to do the eyelash bangle. My bracelets arrived from eBay and off I went. I got involved with it, I forgot I blocked out the stripe bag and needed to do the strap. The eyelash bag is holding three CD cases and is holding up like a champ. The striped bag has a book and small portfolio in it and it stretched a very little bit.
I'm wondering myself when I will be out of this bag phase.
Truth is, there is this little pattern playing over and over in my head saying: "Make me, make me!" and I keep replying: "You're a scarf. You're a winter scarf. I can't make you yet!" But I see it in my head. I see the yarn, I see the completed image.

Well, I have to start two projects because I have to - I am thinking I may relent and give in to the voice.

One must trust oneself.


Susie said...

Love the bags! The striped one looks like it would be a great bag for the Amazon Kindle.

Beverly said...

A Kindle bag...I may have to redo the description to include it...thanks for the idea!

Joan Jones said...

Your bags are wonderful! I know how you feel about that yarn calling your name. I get the same thing. I see some beautiful yarn and a project springs into my head. I'm just learning to knit but I've been a weaver and beadworker for years. Your work is really terrific.

Beverly said...

Thank you so much Joan. And what an inspirational story you have! I look forward to seeing you on the blog more often!

The Jul-Ree Box said...

I love these bags! Very pretty! Keep up the good work and God bless you!


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