Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gracias a la Vida

Sometimes you just have to go by faith. I know God has a sense of humor. I know he knows my thoughts and has said: "I knew you were gonna think that a thousand years ago...still funny!"

I have a new goal. Sorry to say the sock phase has moved from my life. However, I will not just casually flip over a sock pattern in the future. I will now look at it can consider it the way I do other patterns and decide if I wish to do them or not. I believe this to be progress.

No, this new goal is something which will please me, please my hubby and provide me with increased efficiency and peace of mind.

I am going to clean my office. I mean really clean my office. Someone in one of the Etsy forums was so proud of their cleaning their space they posted a picture of it on line - for the entire world to see.

I want some of that madness. (No, I'm not competitive - what a thing to suggest.)

She asked to see what our spaces looked like - hear that, God is laughing again. I would like to be able to comply with her request but in order to do so, I need to get busy. So this is my new goal - and your job, dear friends, is to hold me to it. It is for my own good and the good of the community.


Susie said...

When you're done there, I have a country house that needs cleaning and I'm not the girl to do it. Do I have any volunteers? Anyone? Have fun and good luck, hon!

cici said...

That could be a tall order for me too. I think I will agree with you and get busy too!

my7kids said...

I have an excuse. My dh has not finished the "back room," the back porch we are enclosing to make a crafting (quilting, knitting, spinning) room for me and the girls.

Until then, I am allowed to have fabric and yarn and fiber bins in the dining area and sewing machines, spindles, and fluff on the table. If people want to eat, they can scoot stuff over. Really.



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