Friday, January 2, 2009

Who Ate My Afghan?

I went over to the Etsy shop this morning to discover that my afghan was gone. Now, I suspect that if I had made a sale, I would have been notified so instead of getting excited, I panicked. Never fear, I found it. I had somehow delisted my afghan - the one thing that had gotten the most views. Thus is my beginning into a new business adventure.

This is what dreams are made of. We are told 'do something that you love and you won't work a day in your life.' I have to admit it: I love knitting. Here's why:

  1. I like the creative process.

  2. I like it also requires some thought.

  3. There are patterns and randomness.

  4. It is useful.

  5. It is a multitask function when it is being done and when it is completed.

  6. It is social.

  7. It is solitary.

  8. Though millions of us do it - mile for mile - a knitter/crocheter is still something of a rarity. People will gather around you and there will always be someone who says they know someone who knits or they know how to knit and they just never do it. You never quite know if they are saying it with admiration or if they are saying their time is too valuable to do. Which leads to...

  9. No one know what you're thinking when you're knitting. So when someone says they know how to knit but they don't have time. They don't know you're thinking if they were better organized or knew the true meaning of time well spent they wouldn't have to stand and admire/sneer at you. They could be admired/sneered at by someone else less evolved.

  10. It is relatively inexpensive. Unless you have a stash that could stock a small yarn store and the needles to go with it because you have to have the metal, bamboo, rosewood, dpn's, circular and interchangeable sets. Then there could be some dollars invested. (I'm not confessing - I'm just saying.)

I also love writing and now I can combine the two. This is a dream and if I gather my courage and focus (like God told me to) this can be quite the adventure. I am working on other items to add to the shop. I am doing a wild drop stitch wrap and I will be about two balls short of the yarn I need so I will be forced to go out and get some more of it. Yarn shopping. For business. Sweet!

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cici said...

I love your list of reason. I agree with them. I love your writing too! Thank you


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