Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beach (or Grocery) Bag

This was a pretty quick knit, but doing the bottom of this bag required some assistance from Toknitorknot from Ravelry. She explained the awful diagram in the pattern and I still didn't get it but sleeping on it and rereading it made it all click.

This bag can hold two skeins of Sensations yarn which is about 12 oz each. (There's a skein of Sensations and 1/2 skein of Caron by the Pound in the pic.) Imagine all the clothes and groceries it could hold. It will stretch but it is rather strong. I didn't make it out of cotton opting for a thicker yarn. I can see myself taking this to the grocery store or using it for a yarn bag or even a gym bag. (Wait, that last part was funny cuz I work out at home.)

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