Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ah, The Synergy

So, we do an Epiphany Concert every year. (Epiphany, for those who don't know and even for those who do because it's the same whether you know it or not - commemorates the day the Magi came to see the Christ child. Epiphany is also the name of the nurse on General Hospital, but I'm relatively certain we don't celebrate that.) For the past seven years, we have trekked over to United Lutheran because someone there is the founder of the concert. Well, she had enough of that so this year our church (First United Methodist) was the host and yours truly was the coordinator. (That's not really important, but I thought I'd tell you.)

Before the concert, each choir (there are five choirs from area churches who sing) are assigned a room and for the past few years I've knit waiting for the concert to start and this year was no exception. I gave great thought to taking my knitting into the sanctuary and knit while the other choirs sang (we were the last choir to sing so I could have knit for close to an hour before I had to put it down.) Alas, I left my knitting in the parlor thinking it would be best if I didn't enjoy myself so much while my choir mates were sitting attentively.

Anyhow, these two women came late and they sat in the pew in front of me and what did one of them proceed to do? Take out some knitting! It looked like she was knitting a blanket and it was all in garter stitch. It was a nice grey worsted weight and she was double stranding with some size 13 needles. (Scary that I know that!!) Another choir member made a point of pointing out that someone else was knitting. I wanted to go get mine and join her - then I wanted to take hers from her and knit it myself (It was only the garter stitch, after all!)

I did neither. I went up and sang with my choir. When I was coming down from the choir loft, there was someone waiting for me. Someone from my online knitting group whom I had never met. Another knitter! And she had her knitting with her (albeit in the car.) My knitting was still in the parlor. I went to gather them all together so we could slip off into the parlor for some stitch bonding, but I couldn't herd them all in. - darn it! (No pun intended.)

So that part didn't pan out, but it was really neat to have knitters in the midst.

I am convinced that the axis on which the world turns is actually a knitting needle!

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