Saturday, January 3, 2009

Funkalicious Wrap

While you were all dancing in the new year, the stroke of midnight found me casting on for this drop stitch wrap.
I am officially in love with my steamer. The yarn was soft to begin with and I made it to the size specified, but I wanted to give it more width and so I pinned it to the press board and my steamer went to town on it. Not only did I get the size I wanted, but the thing makes the yarn so much softer and it smells so nice! I even believe it makes the colors pop ever so much.
It is six feet long and about 3 feet wide so it has plenty of wrapablilty. (Spellchecker will have a field day with that one!)
There is a story that goes with this wrap called 'How A Stash Gets Borned.' I shall save that story for another day - like tomorrow. But for now, I am enjoying this latest little creation. I snuggled with it for a little bit and it is now safely enshrined in it's bag ready for someone to claim it - for a price.


Eryka Jackson said...

What a lovely garment! I too knitted in the New Year, and I couldnt image doing anything else!

Virtuous said...

Hey Beverly,

I didn't have your e-mail to respond back to you directly.

But thanks for visiting my blog too!

All the other ones you see listed under my profile are "group" blogs, so the only true blog that is mine is the CrimsonPurl ;o) Hope that helps!

Send me a message if you want to:

See you around!


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