Sunday, January 11, 2009

Man Cave Wrap

This is how it started.

then it turned into this..
Neither one of those really worked for me. It was supposed to be a simple blanket but the first two yarns just weren't making me happy. So, I started again and I didn't have enough yarn to do it all in one color so this is how it ended up.

I love it! It's warm and it's inviting (Even if I say so myself!) It is a very generous 50 x 50. (Pre-blocking!) The HB, who is very supportive, let out a spontaneous 'wow' when he saw it.
It's made with three skeins of "I Love This Yarn" and part of a skein of (what else?) Caron by the Pound. It's soft and warm and I think would look great on a chair in a man cave or a student's room.
I love it when a plan comes together...even if it takes three tries.


knittingdodo said...

Very nice. And I agree, it's so much better the third time.

Beverly said...

yep, that charm thing holds true!!

Eryka Jackson said...

Hi Beverly,

I love the blanket! I have a few pounds of Caron's myself that I am trying to figure out what to do with, so this is a really nice idea. Also, Happy Delurking Day!

Beverly said...

and happy delurking day to you as well. For those that do not know, delurking day is the day you make a comment on a blog you visit instead of doing a hit and run. comments help. not only because it lets the blogger know they're hard work is rewarded by the visit, but also because it helps the gobots know there's traffic! leave a comment today (and tomorrow and tomorrow)

cici said...

It turned out great! 3 times a charm.


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