Monday, February 15, 2010

Because I'm Not Obsessed Enough

Yes, it's crochet! Go ahead, oooh and awwww. I was watching episodes of Knit and Crochet Today and Needlearts Studio I have saved on my DVR and they made granny squares (and circles) look pretty easy.

Now, let me say the reason I gave up crochet, which I used to like better than knitting, was because I couldn't get the hang of a granny square. They used to befuddle me. I didn't get how come other folks were getting a square while I was getting a cup. For whatever reason, my brain couldn't understand the instructions and so I gave up crochet. That, and because my ends were always wonky which is still a problem. But with age comes wisdom and so I picked up the crochet hook and decided to give it another shot. Not surprising, the solution was quite simple.

In the first round, make the stitches in the circle and not in the weave.

That was the entire solution to the problem and I made a couple of sample squares that I pulled out and made again and then made these...and of course I purchased a book of crochet motifs. Because what I really need is an excuse to go out and fill in my crochet hook inventory with the missing hooks of the set.

What is really touching about getting this down is that my late mother-in-law loved crochet more than she love knitting. Part of what she left behind is her inventory of crochet hooks including a beautiful wooden one. Joe gave me those crochet hooks and now I can use them for more than just making a trim. She also left behind a huge bunch of small circle motifs and I can now make more of them and also connect them and make them into a blanket or more likely a table runner that we can take from house to house during our Nana Christmas celebration and a little bit of her will go on and when I go north, it can go to her eldest granddaughter and so on and so on. Not that I have anything against male grandchildren, I just kinda know how my M-I-L would think and I want to do what I am sure she would do.

I'm really grateful I tried it again. I don't care what anyone says, I don't think God is in the details, I think God is the detail and whatever and however we conceive Him to be, trust is always rewarded on a timetable we don't always understand. I need to trust more because look what happens.


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