Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vicki Rules!

I truly believe the greatest blessing you can get out of a group situation is to connect with someone as a friend. Someone you would be glad to hang out with outside of the group. For as much as we need the company of others - sometimes you just want the company of someone. Some one.

Lucky me - I'd be happy to hang out one on one with everyone in my knitting group (well, everyone I know. I haven't met all 120 of them.) I'd especially be thrilled to hang out with Miss Vicki because Miss Vicki crochets.

I do not know when this crochet bug bit me but we all know it was recently and I was really happy because I m
ade my round crochet motifs and I was as happy as a clam...

but I wanted to make a granny square and last Wednesday night Miss Vicki showed me how. Yes, I've made these since Wednesday night...and this isn't all of them. I am not bragging, I want that to be known, I just cannot believe how easy this has turned out to be .

I have tried fiddling with the design to put a unique spin on it but that hasn't worked out yet, though I am confident I may come up with something if the attention span doesn't run out. Bit this is so much fun! I cannot believe I had learned something which has eluded me for years.

Miss Vicki doesn't read the blog, so she doesn't know I've gone granny square manic. Hopefully I will have something more to show her than a bunch of squares the next time I see her.

This is a testament to her teaching skill. She was very patient with me as I questioned almost everything and my brain went into lock down and she cheered me on when I finally got it. All these squares are not perfect - but they are perfectly cute and that's going to be close enough for me.

Thanks Miss Vicki for hanging out with the group and teaching me how to do something fun!

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