Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now

I went to the eye doctor the other day because I have not had new eyeglasses since - probably ten years. So I knew it was time and since we have eye care coverage, and they pay for a new pair of glasses, I thought I should go.

and spend $250

OK, I can explain. At least I think I can explain.

You see, Sears was running this two complete pairs of glasses for $100. (They say it's $99.99 but come on.) I thought I would take advantage of that. I know I could go to other places and get 20 pairs of glasses for that, but Sears Optical is on my insurance plan. Yes, I know the insurance pays for one complete pair but I was also interested in contacts so I was going to have the insurance pay for contacts (if I could wear them) and I would pay for the two pairs of glasses (one regular, one tinted for sunglasses) as backup to the contacts.

In the event I couldn't wear contacts (I have a serious astigmatism from being hit in the eye with a rock in grade school) then
the insurance could pay for one pair of glasses and I would pay for the other.

Now, you know that makes sense.

So, I met with the wonderful Dr. Stevens (He's in the north ave store if anyone wants to see an eye doctor that takes the time to explain everything and is very patient.) As it turns out, I can wear contacts. But I wanted to have the contact/glasses combo.

Theoretically, I should have let the insurance pick up the more expensive of the two (the contacts) and I should have paid for just one pair of glasses - but believe me, it wasn't the glasses that cost the most
. I kinda got caught up in the moment and I think I may have purchased a pair of glasses I might not need - a regular pair of sunglasses. I have no idea how much I paid for them but I'm thinking they weren't that much. What did my $250+ get me? Two pairs of subscription glasses, one pair of smoking sunglasses, and a 3 month supply of contact lenses: here's how

2 pairs of glasses $100
co-pay $ 40
protection plan $ 40 (two years replacement)
tinting 1 pair $ 15
contact fitting $ 40
sunglasses $ no clue the sunglasses are for me to wear when i have in the contacts. I looked good in them, what
can I say?

She went over everything with me, but it's all blurry (forgive the pun) On the one hand I think I got a lot for the money - on the other,
don't know. Mr. Honey spent that much a few years back for his two pair of glasses.

You can weigh in if you like...but let me say I'm loving the contacts!! and these are samples! the real ones will be in next Tuesday. but they are soft and comfortable and other than the glitches in getting them in and taking them out, they are smoking nice to have.
So I can see quite clearly as I show you the 'shawl that never ends!'

It has ended and can I tell you what I thought when I realized it was all bound off and done? I was holding it in my hand, this shawl that I was bitching and moaning about; this shawl I could not wait to get off my needles and
be done with. I said to myself, 'I wonder if I could put some kind of lace edging around it?'

Naturally, I slapped myself silly until that thought went away. Lace trimming? Who
am I and where did that saner person go? What's up with me and lacy edge trimming? I stuck the tassels at the corners and called it a very long day. It took me a while to figure out how to do the tassels. I don't think I've ever done them and it's a little different than doing fringe - just a little enough to make me want to run and find a fifth grader to explain it to me. But I did persevere.

Can you all tell how sparkly it is? It's quite sparkly and it even has a little warmth to it. Now my knitting group can stop making fun of me. I started this on the 18th of January and was still working on it at our last Wednesday meeting. "You've been working on that for more than ten days? You usually have about 20 things done in that time...hahahahahahaha."

Last laugh, baby, last laugh. And now I can see who's laughing at me!

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