Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gorge Jus

So here are the results of the Epais yarn and my favorite afghan pattern. Finished it just in time before the major part of the 'isn't this project over yet' feelings started coming in. And they were starting. There is some Homespun in the mix of this and it is much bigger than the photo shows. This can go on a small bed.

Now, I am project-less. Work on the afghan for my pastor's son? It seems as if his report date has been moved to August so now there's no rush - not that you all had anything to say about which one I should make. But now I can work on something else and you know - since I have to do a stash bust - I am thinking granny square and falling leaves central.
I'm thinking I should grab a tote bag and take it to the upstairs stash and fill it up with as many colors as it can hold, then grab one of the big pound skeins of dark purple that I no longer need for the afghan that doesn't need to be made for six months and start motif madness.

I found my inventory of crochet hooks and they are now sharing the ones from the M-I-L collection and they coexist peacefully and are asking very sweetly to be made into granny squares and I have about 12 skeins of Nuro Kureyon that would make pretty squares as well.

Then again, I can pull out a knitting pattern book or check out Ravelry for something in my queue....decisions.

I am do you decide what to make next?

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