Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Just to let you know, the 'shawl that never ends' has ended. That puppy is all done and complete with tassels on the points. Yes, I stayed up until 5:30 to complete it and I had an 11 o'clock appointment but we were not going one more day.

That's now why Idiot is the title of this post.

I was
explaining to someone what an i-cord is. See the handle on the bag? It's an I-Cord. "I" stands for idiot. I'm not kidding. It stands for idiot because it's so easy even an idiot can do it. (You may insert your guffaws here, but I warn you, if you know how to make an i-cord you may not be laughing at me.)

As it turns out, this is a brilliant piece of stitchery. The I-Cord is not only good for making handles (like on the bag); it's also great for edging, belts, even for the body of the bag. It's a versatile little thing. Just in case you don't know how to do it:

1. It can only be done on double pointed needles or circular. Truth to tell, I don't know why one would do in on circulars if you're just making an i-cord. In fact, though I'm sure there may be a reason to use circulars when making an i-cord, I can't think of it.

2. Cast on 3 or 4 stitches. Don't go any higher than that or you'll create a mess instead of a funky tube that you want.

3. Knit across.

4. DON'T TURN the work. Instead, slide the stitches back to the working end of the needle. The working yarn is going to be at the opposite end - which is just where you want it.

5. Knit across. Keep the yarn in the back and yes you will be pulling it across the back. That's what makes the tube.

6. Repeat until the cord is as long as you need. To bind off, k1 sl1 psso, turn, k2 tog.

Of course, there are nuances and different ways to bind off and all that stuff, but if you've never made one, it's a pretty cool thing to master.

Yes, I will show you the 'shawl that never ends' but in the daylight!


ennadoolf said...

hehe, I don't like making i-cords so I used a corking set (aka knitting nancy) when I was adding strings to a pair of mittens! :) Great job on that bag too!

Knits For Needs said...

Thanks for the instructions :) I must be an idiot.. never tried it.. don't even know how to use DPNs yet :) It's on my agenda!


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