Friday, February 12, 2010

The Blessings

Well to apologize would be futile. I've ignored the blog. That's a sin and a crime. I know. I've been playing around with my eyes...changed the contact lens prescription, had to have the pupils dilated, etc. etc. etc. Mostly I've been busy with the Craft Cafe.

It is coming together, though probably not as fast as I'd like it. We still have some spots left and I would feel so much better if I had 15 of my 20 spots filled. I need a couple more for that to happen.
I, of course, had no idea of how much it would take. It's a lot of fun and really gets into the creativity and practical sides of my brain!

You should see the talent out there. I always knew it, but now I see it more up close than ever and I am so impressed. Without being the least bit envious, I do admire those with that kind of talent. God gives blessings to everyone.

There was also the weather to contend with. My new sobrina that's Spanish for niece, Lily, is in Maryland where they have been socked by snow and she writes on her Facebook page that it is all so pretty and beautiful, even as it has inconvenienced her and her hubby (my nephew) because he couldn't get home. I railed a little against her love of the snow and then I went outside in my own snowstorm to clean off my car, and I had to admit it was very pretty. It was the fluffy kind, not the icy, slushy kind. It was powdery and willowy - so yeah, it was rather beautiful and considering this is mid-February and we've had only three snowfalls - certainly not much more - I can allow myself to be gracious enough to admit there is a beauty there. Because again, God gives blessings to everyone. To Lily, he's given the blessing of being able to see beauty and express it. To my nephew, he's given the blessing of Lily.

The blessings of work to do, people to love and to love you back, and the ability to see good everywhere you look.

Gotta love that God, don't you?

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