Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stop Me!...I Think

The wonderful Melissa takes delight in tormenting me. (I so look forward to the comment that's coming from that opening salvo.)

The wonderful Melissa has said on several occasions: "Why aren't you publishing your patterns?" or even more Mom-like: "I just don't understand why you're not publishing your patterns?" Yes, she makes it into a question. Melissa is Jewish (insert stereotype here) and the guilt has plagued me. Because one of my patterns is published on Ravelry and has even sold and because there are others playing around in my head. I've taken a look at a photo and then decided just to cast on and knit what I think I see. "Who," says the person with 50 knitting books that she knows of, "needs a pattern?" Sometimes I do. I like patterns - they give me someone to blame. I don't have to take responsibility for a pattern if someone else makes it. I just have to follow it and admire my ability to read or fail at it and say someone else doesn't know how to write a pattern.

SIGH. But the wonderful Melissa is playing over and over in my
head because she was working on a cute bag and progressing very well and as I was watching her knit it my mind was saying how I would change this or that and make it something different and then when I went to church, Joyce had the cutest bag made out of leather and I thought 'I could knit something like that.' Oh that Melissa!

Do you know Hill Harper? He's on CSI:NY. He has a degree from Brown, a law and master's degree from Harvard is the author of several books along with being a lecturer and actor. He says you should follow your heart even if it takes you all over the place. (And let us admit the man is creamy! Wanna spread him on a cracker and eat him right up!)
His voice is nearly as loud as the wonderful Melissa's. He sets a great example of moving. You can't ge
t anywhere without moving so if you think you're stuck start at your feet.

Of course, I will put the patterns on the long list of things to do because the truth, Melissa, is that I have thought
about publishing them I just haven't gotten to it and then I know from the example of Hill Harper that time is something we made up and something we have some control over and can accomplish whatever we set our minds to doing. I believe that. I sincerely do.

I appreciate Melissa being in my head because I appreciate Melissa being in my life. She's someone I love hanging out with even as she leads me on the path of breaking my stash resolution (you should have heard her last Friday!!) Stay in my head, Melissa, I could use the noise.

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Melissa said...

Sigh! over and over again! The next meetup should be near me so we can go to the yarn store.


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