Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I am going to leave the house in a few minutes to do some shopping (grocery shopping - don't get excited) and I am hoping my short term memory is intact enough for me to remember to take the camera and take a photo of the trunk yarn stash. Because there was yarn in there before Mr. Honey did the great trunk clean up and he has it very nicely placed in there.

Which kinda ruins the fun of having a hidden yarn stash in the trunk of the car if the hidee straightens it up for you.

I have also taken a photo of the completed block afghan. It came out really nice and will be even better when it gets steamed. Sometimes it's a good idea to pull out a WIP and drop the IP.

The crochet strip afghan continues on and as I stated, it's going to be a big ass afghan and I will have to get some more white yarn - I am certain I don't have enough right now. But the first shopping expedition is going to be stash shopping. I know I pulled some white yarn before but I can't remember what for so maybe it's still up there somewhere just waiting to be fulfill its destiny - as are we all.

I take a glance around the living room and I see the bags of completed projects and the ones that are sitting on the love seat and I think about all the ones I've sold and I think about what a blessing it is to be able to create.

We can all create we just to find that thing we can make and share with the world. I never thought it would be knitting and now crocheting but there it is. And the connections that have come of it have been amazing and there's still more amazing things to be done. You can't ask for a better or more fun blessing than that.

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