Saturday, July 10, 2010

Finishing Up

All the squares for the stash busting 42 square afghan are done. The truth is I had some squares already made and figured they could go into the 42 square afghan just as easily as any other afghan and since there wasn't a specific afghan for them to go into anyway, they might as well go into this one.

So, most of them will still need to be block to either 8 or 12 inches and then sewn together. What you see over to the left is the almost complete afghan I started a long time ago. I just had the inkling to finish it up - so I have the last strip and the last section on that last strip on the needles and so it's almost completely done. I can't wait to get it finished. It's a nice looking afghan and it will make someone a very nice afghan one day. Six different colors and three different stitch patterns and this was a pretty quick knit. The original pattern called for it to be double stranded but I have some aversion to double stranding though I've done it before. It's a nice and cozy afghan even single stranded.

I'm already thinking about the holiday shows - that's right - shows. I'm thinking of doing the Mother Guerin craft show, the Pleasant Home craft show and one fund raising show of my own. Either way, I have to start the stock up for it and decided this year to do afghans, pillows, hats and scarves.

Last night, I left the knitting at home and headed over to GNO - Girl's Night Out and my friend Gayle's house. Our friend Judy had to move to New York for her job and when she comes back into town, a gang of us gets together. There were eight of us last night and the laughs and the wine flowed. I love the company of women. Don't get me wrong - I think men are one of God's greatest hits - but the company of women is one of God's greatest gifts. We can talk about a whole bunch of stuff and still be relevant and funny. I love getting together with them and last night was the first time Connie joined us and we were right to invite her. The girl is a hoot!!

Get together with some of your girlfriends - if you're a guy make some men dates - and enjoy the freedom of being with a room that understands what it's like. The company of women - with some good Chinese food and lots of wine - is an evening that cannot be beat!

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