Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mystical, Magical Moment

The 42 square stash buster afghan project doesn't feel like a project. I don't quite know why but I find myself thinking I need to pull out the books and look for a new project to start. Of course, that could be because the knitting of the 42 squares is about half done and considering most of the squares are just 8 inches with a couple of 12 inch ones thrown in for quirkiness, they don't take very long to knit up and an even shorter time to crochet them so it could be I am at that time when I'm ready for a project to be done so I can start a new one.

These 42 squares are
going to be need steaming so they can set up at almost 8 inches square so I went to the blocking board and the new steamer. Then they are going to need sewing or crocheting together. I think because they are different colors and styles that sewing them together will be the best thing.

I don't know what it is about steaming..I like it. I probably steam the squares a lot more than I need to because I like the feel of the steam and the smell of it. The good thing is I can steam three squares at a time so it won't take very long to get them all ready for the sewing needle. But finishing, though a necessary part of the knitting process, is not knitting so my fingers will be itching to start something new.

I am in afghan mode and I'm getting ready for the holiday craft sale because..let me be the first to say it..Christmas is only 5 months away. For the sale, I won't be allowed to have my 200 items on the table as I did last year so I have decided on afghans and pillows. I also have to get the shop inventory back up to snuff in time for the gift giving season.

Time tends to run faster when you're older.

The day is full: a lot of working, maybe some gardening (I haven't planted a thing but the clean up of garden plots continues.) Pray that I don't give in to my customary laziness and that I really clean up the living room. All I have to do is give a real concerted effort for an hour but it seems to elude me and I make excuses. I can't do that today. I really need to do some serious housecleaning cuz I want to have a party!! If I make it through that - it will truly be a mystical moment!

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