Monday, July 19, 2010

The Endless Do Over

If you have time (after you read this post, of course) you should take a peek at A Black Pepper. Not only is the knitting and photography amazing, but look how clean her house is. That woman is a saint!!

i know that time is finite. Everything will run out of time eventually but part of me believes in an almost endless supply of do overs. If I failed..again..I can just start all over. This happens a lot with my schedule. I have a schedule of things I am supposed to do on any given day and when it doesn't happen the way it was supposed to, I just start over, reposition the schedule to make it look neat and pretty and start all over.

It would be easier to be disciplined. This is what I am learning but haven't quite learned yet. I need to get it before that undo over hits. Don't do over just do. Don't go over - just go on.
I'll get it - hopefully before I run out of time.

You know one of the things I love about knitting? I love it when a WIP doesn't look like much of anything but you know in a little while it is going to be really pretty. This is the first strip of the 42 block afghan and it looks a little ragged but I've been down this road and it leads to great beauty. I was going to combine 8 inch squares with 12 inch squares but that's not going to work the way I want so they will have to have their own party and I am lucky I have enough squares to finish off the 42 square afghan without much trouble.

I've abandoned the crochet afghans at this point because I just wasn't feeling them and life is too short to knit/crochet joylessly. I will go
back to it - in fact, once I am finished with this afghan I suspect I will start again on the crochet diagonal one. But I have in mind to use just three or four colors and make it a bit more color controlled than the random one that wasn't making me feel good.
When all other things fail, knitting should feel good. If you're not having a good time knitting (even with the frustrations it can bring) it's time to make an appointment with the closest thing to Dr. Phil that you have in the area and since I don't want that kind of drama in my life, knitting remains my sacred place. (Did you know if you transpose the 'a' and the 'c' in sacred it becomes an opposing word? Freaky, huh?)

I'm off to block some more of the squares for the 42 square afghan. I love the new steamer (did I already tell you?) It's faster and more versatile than the other one. (I loved that one, too!) I am going to try and finish it off today and that will be quite ambitious but I have 3 more hours of work scheduled today and some free time as well and there's no reason I can't use it to make an afghan. I will need it for the shows, after all, and it will be a great challenge for me. (And a great follow up to today's post about the caterpillar WIP becoming a butterfly FO!) I'm learning to be about the follow up!

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