Monday, September 6, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

God is good. All the time. Even when God laughs at the plans we make. God is good.
I was being proactive - something which should have been a clue to me and I am sure started the heavenly chuckle. I can just see the angel assigned to watch me yesterday. S/he tapped another angel on the shoulder pointed down (up?) and said, "Watch this. She's going to organize her finished stuff."
Said angel then watched as I packed the first zippered container containing afghans and prayer shawls. They watched as I manipulated folded with great care the new afghan and placed it in the container. They saw as I was satisfied with my feat and felt one step ahead of the getting ready for the show coming in October. Said angel then called the sales department and told them to arrange for someone to buy it.

But God is good and the little angel may have had a short term giggle but I have the reinforcement of selling my goods and the money in the bank. Of course, the angel knew that was going to happen so the giggle wasn't exactly at my expense but rather at my profit. So who can begrudge an angel her humor?

Thanks to Mr. Honey's BFF, Bruce, and his wife Becky for having us over yesterday. Mr. Honey went over because he and Bruce are into cars (Bruce has this stunning 1933 Ford Sedan made from a kit) and Mr. H took over the hubcaps from his 66 Corvette for them to mask and paint. Bruce asked me to come over as well and when the four of us get together it's just one laugh after another. We ordered pizza (GREAT pizza from Grandstand Pizza) and we were there all evening. Becky lets me bring my needlework so I worked on the granny square afghan - almost half done.

They have one of those 'just stop by we'd love to see you' houses and because of that I love their home and their kids (all grown but still manage to be there and they sparkle each one!)
It was an unexpected joyful way to end the day. Thanks, guys. I got you when I got him and that just sweetens the deal!

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