Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jumbo Shrimp

The days in July and August were so hot and thick sitting outside was really uncomfortable but the last few days in this fast moving month of September have been quite pleasant and Duke and I have spending them outside. He's been lying in the sun occasionally barking at passersby and other creatures and I have been working on different projects.

I put a bunch of different yarns in one of my tote bags and decided to work on the granny square afghan. I took it over to my sister-in-law's house over the weekend and it was half way done - I decided to work on that the first day out. That afghan is now done. Turned out pretty nice. It is so soft, I cannot tell you. Hopefully someone will come along and want to love it. The background color is brown instead of black - do you see what I mean about how black would flatten it out but other colors warm it up? I think it's because black has every color in it so it absorbs a little of something from every color around it. But brown doesn't so colors reflect and bounce. Try it for yourself in a couple of small swatches and you'll see what I mean.

The secon
d day I worked on the lace shawl (it turned out beautifully, I'll show you the final product once I take it off the blocking board.) For a moment, I was tempted to get some thinner yarn and try some real lace knitting. For a moment. I sat down until it went away. One, I don't possess that kind of patience. Two, I don't need to become obsessed with another fiber. So I will keep myself to this kind of lace knitting that holds smaller chances of frustration. As it is, I measured the shawl/scarf and thought I had enough inches before adding on the bottom trim but when I measured it after it was done, somehow I lost inches and won't get them back after blocking - though I will recover some. I don't know how it happened except I can probably blame the lateness of the hour. Yeah, that sounds good.

It looks really nice on the blocking board and I look forward to taking it off and wrapping it around one of the torsos and taking the photos. Then you'll see. it was worth the swear words I yelled uttered when the lace count wouldn't cooperate.

Yesterday, I worked on what may be the most stunning afghan I've ever made. Looking at the photo it reminds me of those little paints that come with the paint by numbers. In real dimensions, it is really pretty and the center of each square is done in a popcorn stitch so they stand out. some fibers puff up more than others and some of the colors of the same brand have more pop than others. They are crocheted together as i go so when I'm done with the very last square, the whole afghan will be done. All that will be left is the trim and I am thinking I will trim it in a dark color other than
black because black will flatten it out. Perhaps a dark green or violet to make everything else pop.

I am set to start a new afghan today and it has hexagons instead of squares. A little intimidating but I'm not in the mood to be defeated. There was rain this morning but it has stopped and though it isn't exactly sunny outside, it is pleasant and Duke is already outside probably thinking what funny creatures humans are to want to stay indoors when there's a chance to be in nature.

Pooch has a point.

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Susie said...

I was never a fan of the granny square afghan till I saw yours, Bev. I like them so much I'm tempted to take up crocheting again!


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