Sunday, September 5, 2010

No, No, Don't Thank Me

I do this for your own good. There are those of you who are holiday needle folk. You have your list of items to make to give as gifts to family and friends.

This is your 'almost 90 days to Christmas' countdown. You know you need it. Mr. Honey and I only give three presents at Christmas: to his brother, his sister and his sister-in-law. They have each received a knitted item (at least one.) Chances are they will receive afghans this year.

Chances are.

Because I have only, at last count, five afghans in stock and I have two shows coming up and have been known to sell an afghan or two (or five) in the shows that I've done. So, really, I have no afghans at all.

And it's 110 days til Christmas. An afghan can take up to a month to make. How long does it take to make all your stuff?

Mr. Honey got a phone call from someone at work who asked if he would help on a project coming up in a matter of days - the project was getting a part of the store ready for Christmas. "We're still getting Halloween stuff in.' says he.

Poor baby. He doesn't understand the nature of the retail business. Labor Day is the new opening day of the holiday season: Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years in rapid succession. Happens every year.

And every year we crafters get caught looking at the calendar and thinking, "Oh, I have time." Right. Because everything else in life will magically transform itself to accommodate your ambitious gift making schedule.

I know the sun is still out and there are some warm days ahead. I'm just saying you need to start wrapping your mind around it so you'll have time to wrap the presents without as much hurried stress as in seasons past.

This is our craft and our passion and we love giving gifts - so there's no reason why doing so much of what we love should be so stressful. Planning - that's the ticket.

Better get started!

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