Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good Times

I suppose since I've been sniffling and trying to catch a runny nose that I have to admit to having a cold. Don't know where it picked me up, but there you go.

On the other hand, I am back into multi-project mode and according to my project journal, I have four project in the works. The lace shawl is coming along nicely even though I've had to do some creative rewriting of the pattern when the stitches don't come out exactly the same count as the original pattern. (Hey as long as the lace lines up, I'm pretty flexible about the detail of how it came off.) As I was working on this piece, I thought to myself this would make a beautiful blanket. The lace in a white pretty similar to the color in the picture would make a lovely baptism blanket.

Today, I will be working on the poncho. I have two more squares - more like panels - to block and then I get to decide how I want to (or if I want to) add a tie. I'm pretty sure I do and I am pretty sure I want it be a braid made with a strand from each of the six colors used. I'm a genius that way. Hold your awe and cover your eyes.

Work continues on the novel and I have friends who say they know an independent (freelance) editor to whom I may be able to submit my work. I don't want to jump the gun and jinx it all but knowing there might be a next step place to go makes this step more exciting!

Nine years ago I was headed towards my first day of jury duty. I was summoned for duty on a special grand jury and I was listening to the radio when the news of the first plane hitting the tower came over. Ahead of me was the Sears Tower and someone was saying there was news that it was one of the possible targets.

Nine years later, I remember this day with sadness and strength. Sadness that we lost so many people in an act that I wish I could say was senseless but I know it made sense to those who planned it and executed it. They got what they wanted - not just the loss of life but the loss of who we are as a nation. They have succeeded in rending who we say were are with how we behave.

I remember the day with strength because I truly believe we will heal the rift. Yes, we have seen people act fanatical and with political irresponsibility but the saving grace, I believe, is those who use their first amendment right to say whatever stupid thing they wish to say, has seen the effect it has had on people here and abroad and how it's more than just a right to say whatever you want but a privilege and responsibility. We are in a technical age where what we say now is kept forever. We don't need long term memory just a bookmark tab on our computer to be remembered forever.

May the grace of God be with all impacted on that day: the souls and families of those who were lost. The public servants who sacrificed themselves to assist others. Those who witnessed it and could not believe what they were seeing. Those around the world who listened with stunning horror. Even those who think this was something God would smile upon. The same God who made it perfectly clear that thou shalt not kill and somehow managed to substitute their will for His. May we all be granted, pray and work for peace.

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