Monday, September 27, 2010


When I was up in office sometime last week trying to sort through yarn - something akin to trying sort trees in Yosemite - I came across an afghan that had two completed strips and some granny squares waiting for their next step. I couldn't figure out why I abandoned the project - not that it would matter; sometimes there are no explanations that would make sense - call it knitter's (or crocheter's) prerogative. Or I can call on that explanation my mother used to give me when I asked why something happened the way it did:

There you go.

any case, I could not figure out what a throw that was 1/3 done should not be completed especially since I was looking for exactly such items to be sold in the shop and at the craft show. So, I pulled it out, went stash shopping and found there was still yarn to do with it (though I did have to go and get one skein more of a certain color) and completed the throw. I could have added one more row of seven squares and it would graduate from 'throw-dom' to 'afghan-hood' but I really didn't want to deal with it anymore. Which may be the reason it waited around so long to be completed.

The other bit of knitting goodness - I guess the throw would really be crochet goodness, wouldn't it? Anyhow, I said I would show the lacy shawl I had been working on that has been on the
blocking board for the past week to ten days or something. I finally took it off the board and here it is. I am admitting to loving it. Not only is it soft as buh-ta but it's lush looking. I think this would make a great jacket - for someone else to do. It would also make a really lovely afghan or throw - which I can consider.

So with 35 days to go before the Guerin show, I don't have an afghan on the needles or hook. I do have a scarf that's in the last stages - Mr. Honey says I should do hats and scarves because they are quick for me to make and the date of the show comes at a time folks will start looking for those things for themselves and stocking stuffer gifts. (That actually made sense to me.) So, I would work on an afghan for part of the day and then start to hat/scarf thing. So, I am frogging an afghan gone bad into a scarf and hat before I start a new afghan.

An ugly afghan.

Melissa, April and Cheree convinced me I should at least give it a shot and I am thinking the pattern can be redeemed if I use just black and white instead of the dated color scheme. This is one of those times when someone will be wrong and someone will learn something.
Stay tuned.

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