Saturday, December 20, 2008


This number has been appearing on the Caller ID for the past several days. We know people in Las Vegas, but certainly not well enough for them to call us but still we answered the phone just in case.

It was that annoying company that calls to tell you that you have a $500 credit for a trip to Florida you've never taken and they would like to book the trip so that money doesn't go to waste. They have called under several different numbers and each time I have asked them to take me off their call list. They take me off the list for that particular number and just send me to a different number. I hung up on them and they called back again today. The conversation went something like this:

"May I speak to the HB?"
"You can speak to me."
"Are you Mrs. HB?"
"My name is Lashandra and I am calling because you have a $500 credit on a Florida vacation you never took and we'd like to book a trip so you can use it."
"We've taken all the Florida vacations we've booked. I'm pretty sure we didn't book one."
"We show you have the $500 credit for the trip and the only way you can have it is if you booked a vacation or time share and you never took the trip."
"I see."
"So, would you like to use the credit?"
"No, send me my money back."
Pause. "I'm sorry?"
"Send me my money back. We're not interested in booking a trip, so we would like to have our money back."
"You said you never booked the trip."
"But you said I did. You said the only way I would have a credit is if I booked a trip or time share and didn't take it. So since you say I have the credit, I must be wrong in saying we've taken all our trips. So send me my money back."
"You can only get the money if you take the trip."
"Says who? It's my money so give it back."
"Would you like to forfeit the $500?"
"In this economy? I want my money. Hello?"

It's five minutes I'll never get back. But it sure was fun.


cici said...

hahha... Too funny. i guess you told them. I am sure they won't be calling you again.:)

Beverly said...

Would you believe they called back the next day? But they hung up when I answered...maybe the word will get around!
Happy Holidays!!


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