Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mad Hatting

I took a peek at the calendar. Christmas is next week. It is next Thursday. We celebrate with HB's familia on Christmas Eve. I go to my own church and join them at about 9:30pm. They've already eaten and they are waiting for me to come. I will arrive and I will eat a quick dinner and then Santa will arrive and we will pass out presents.

My mother-in-law was a knitter and crocheter and she made booties. At the Thanksgiving dinner at my B-I-L's house, he said I should pick up the tradition of making booties for everyone.

That is so not going to happen. I don't knit booties or socks. Haven't tried them. Have no urge to try them. Never been tempted to review a pattern. I don't even think long enough about making them to reject the idea of making them.

However, one week out of the family get together, I have the urge to make hats for everyone...and get this; I'm thinking of color-coding:
Purple for Joe & me (2)
Green for his sister and her family (8 - doesn't include the grandchildren)
Blue for his brother and his family (9 - doesn't include the grandchildren)
Yes, I am thinking I will actually begin to knit 20 hats and have them done by next week.

I am thinking a quick pattern with a simple stitch. I am actually thinking of reviewing hat patterns and getting started this evening and working on nothing else until they are all done so I can wrap them and the HB can take them to the gathering.

I'm not currently on medication, but I'm thinking I should start taking...something.'s a new disease and I fear I may have it. Go ask Alice.
Talk me out of this!

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