Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Knit Wide Scarf Prayer Shawl

I don't know what happens to you; but I get close to the end of a project and I just want to get it over with. I don't understand why, but it happens every time. This is a long prayer shawl. It was supposed to be 70' long before the fringe. I got to about 65' and just had enough. I haven't even worked on this every day and I just wanted it to end so I did the last rows, added the fringe and called it an early morning.

Here's the thing - this shawl is warm! Even with the open weave pattern, I placed it around my shoulders and felt the warmth of it. That's nice. And I love the fringe. The pattern (Prayer Shawl Ministry) wanted that double tied fringe and I finally figured out how to do it and didn't like it. So, I have this really thick fringe and I love it.
So, it's from The Prayer Shawl Ministry and I used Homespun in Sunshine State. The pattern called for size 10 needles and mine must have been in use because I used nines instead. It's an eleven row pattern but for the most part you will only use rows 6-11 and only two of those rows are pattern rows, the rest are straight purl rows.

I don't know exactly how long it took because I didn't work on it every day. I worked on it about once a week from October 22 so that's boils down to about a week total. It should be a faster knit than that but the thing is really long.

If it ends up on the sale table next week; I am sure it will find a nice home. If it goes to the chapel or sanctuary as a church prayer shawl, I know it will comfort many people - what more could a knitter ask?

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