Sunday, December 7, 2008

Commiserating Avec Mes Amis Canadian

I am commiserating with our Canadian brothers and sisters while they go through political and government woes. We tend, well I tend, to think that no other country goes through what we have gone through and I have been reading on some blogs about the Prime Minister (in the UK) playing ping-pong with the Canadian government. Yarn Harlot has some explanations of how the government works. I think we should all take a trip over to Steph's blog and read how a government other than our own works and how it comes with it's own set of politicians who can play with it. And not play very nicely, either.

This is in no way a knock to their form of governing and an uplifting of our own - we have, in this decade alone, shown how we can lose a hold of our democracy and then get it back. We should not really be wearing the role model hat. Instead, this is a way of showing support to the people governments are supposed to serve. It shines the spotlight on how an individual leader can so lose sight of the basic principle of government that s/he alone can wreak havoc on an entire country (in this instance, two) and how the people have an obligation to put up their hands and say, "Whoa. Our system of government may not be perfect. But it not so imperfect that we will stand by and let you make a mockery of it."

Take a little time and read about what's going on in Canada and when you pray for our own government and the newness that is coming, let your soul stay on its knees for a few seconds more and ask God to look north and guide the leaders and be with the people there, too.

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