Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Know You Are But What Am I?

It mocks me. The shawl that never ends. It mocks me. I took it with me Friday to the clinic when I drove Pastor Harriette to her appointment. I've worked on it yesterday and today. I measure it to see how close it's getting to the 32 - 36 inches. And it's still somewhere in the 20's.

And I swear I hear the fiber laugh every time I pull out the yard stick.

But it doesn't know me. Or it thinks it knows me all too well. I'm giving up. Everyone who saw it at the clinic thought it was a beautiful thing in progress and I will not be deterred from the finish line - I have no idea what else I would make with it.

I admit to not knitting a lot today but I am about to make up for that. I am going to whip that shawl into submission. I am about to kick some fiber tail. I will not rest this evening until it is somewhere in the 30s. But I am noticing there might not be enough stitches going across the top to stop at 32 which is why I am allowing that 4 inch range. Certainly 36 inches will provide enough width - I hope. I have a meeting at eleven tomorrow morning and I would like to get at least 4 hours of sleep.

Oh stop it - I'm going to check the gauge of the yarn, measure out what the gauge is on the needles and then count the stitches. I'm going to do what I should do so I don't bind off just to find i have a really long babushka instead of a shawl.

The shawl is going down.

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