Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Here's Where The Mind Has Gone

Here's the sign Char put up at the church! I cannot thank her enough for doing it. I was going to ask permission to put up a banner and I was going to design it, get it printed then hang it when Char suggested the church had a reusable banner and she just needed to know what I wanted on it - and then she went to work! It's been hanging up for a little more than a week and I appreciate not having to go to the expense of having it made.

The support from the church has been amazing and I don't even want to go into the comparison because I could but it wouldn't be productive and it diminishes the good stuff coming from the new place. Suffice it to sa
y I want things to go well because it would be good for the church, the community - and it wouldn't do me any harm either.

I sincerely thank Char for her support in making this happen!

On the knit/crochet front, things are continuing with the granny squares. I have started sewing them together in strips of nine squares and I have made enough to complete one strip and half way through the second and there's enough of them sitting in a bag to finish off the second strip and make a third - in other words, there's a ton of them. Brett Bara claims you can make a square in
about 5 minutes - well, I find I'm almost as fast crocheting as I am knitting and I can't get one of these squares off the hook in less than 30 so she must be a crochet whiz. I am having a lot of fun with these and I am already thinking of how to make a granny square afghan changing the design just a little bit and not doing a stash buster but having a controlled color palette.

I've discovered an interesting thing about trying to stash bust using granny squares...they don't take that much yarn. I have made about twenty-five squares and I haven't run out of one color yet - not even the main dark purple. I might be half way through that. So, this might turn out to be a minor stash buster because I am using so many different colors - if I decide to do another one with say, just five colors, I imagine that will use up the colors I choose. Then again, I am just on the second of at least six strips so it could become a snow ball effect. At some point, one of these balls will run out and then that will start them all running out and I will have to add another ball until it's all finished. Hmmm..the theory is set and now we have nothing to do but continue on with the project and see if skeins of yarn are used up.

It's always good to have a little bit of science in needlework.

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