Saturday, June 5, 2010

On The Road

So, Happy Hook wasn't just along for the ride. There was work to be done while on the road to Pittsburgh. We started this as part of the blue square afghan we're making - it's a special order afghan I need to have done in a couple of weeks so there was no time for idleness.
It's going to be a simple square of single crochet through the front loop. I purposefully made it a little narrow because of the stretch. It was started around Wolf Lake in Indiana and we worked on it pretty steadily until it was time for me to drive.

So, I drove for about three hours and then Mr. Honey took over again and this is how far we got while he drove the first time:
I think we were in Ohio by then - close to the Penn Turnpike an hour later, while on the open road, the square was finished. We were definitely in Penn then because there was a woman at the turnpike that wanted to know what I was making and said she bought afghans and Mr. Honey pulled off before I could reach in my bag and give her a business card, but then said five minutes later - 'Too bad you didn't have a card to give her."
Yep, too freaking bad. The whole trip from Chicago to Pittsburgh
took almost exactly nine hours and that was stopping twice for meal and potty breaks. Not bad at all - especially considering we got ourselves turned around in downtown Pittsburgh and didn't know where we were going. It was just luck (God) who took us to the right place for us to find our way.

There's more to tell you about the trip (ball park, yarn stores) and I will make sure to drop the goods on you cuz I know that's what you're really interested in but let me say I enjoyed the road. Yes, flying is quicker, but traveling by car is a real treat.

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Carol Pack Urban said...

Which exit on the PA Turnpike were you at where the lady said she bought afghans? I live five miles from the Donegal exit. We could try to locate her for you. Let me know.


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