Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Top Ten List

First, THANK YOU Carol for offering to try and find the toll taker on the turnpike to let her know how to get my afghans! I can ask Mr. Honey where we were and get back to you!!

I know it's the middle of the week, but I feel the need to show you ten things I've run across on the Etsy sites!

Paris Flower Market
by Rebecca Plotnick
I like photography - it's left and right brained. Sometimes my eye isn't so good so I appreciate work that has impact and this photo does.

love by Noodle and Lou
What I love about this (and the other works) is that it looks simple enough that you think you can do it, but then you know better. I love the simplicity of Jenn's work.

Miniature Gyros by Allieminis
It so cute! Mr. Honey gets a gyros plate from one of our take out places. If I had a reason for him to need this, I'd get it for him in a second. Cute stuff!!

Purple Chalcedony Earrings by Westbyron
Silver and purple - c'mon now! If they were bigger they'd make the list twice!

Milk Glass by Sunny Day Vintage
I can see this sitting in the middle of the (cleaned off) dining room table filled with Christmas ornaments during Advent or small balls of yarn at other times during the year - heck, even at Advent!

Shout out to follower: Melissa Smith - she reads a whole host of blogs (some I may even have to check out!)

Again, for those artisans who make my Top Ten lists, they can have a free 4ft space at one of the Craft Cafe sales or the 8ft space for $15 (normally $25.) They just have sign up with a notation that says the Top Ten and they're in!

Let's finish the list...

Rose and Antique Earrings
by kateemarie
Honestly, I went over to the PayPal account to see if I had some extra $$ in there so I could get these before you did. Since I've cut my hair, I like bigger earrings and these are 1/2 inch too short - but these are beautiful!!

Juggling Balls
by all kinds of stuff
They're on the list for exactly the reason you think they are.

Blackhawks Toppers by milestone memories
I was a hockey fan before the strange Wirtz took them off the air. I was watching the last game of the final and yelling "It's a goal! It's a goal!" before most of the players knew what was happening. (Yeah, that's right, I'm bragging!)

Tear Stamp Earrings by Foxglove Accessories
That no two pair will be exactly alike and they are funky without being chunky get them on the list!

Humility by Uniquery
Why is this cute fella sitting in the corner and what kind of oowie does he have?

There you have it! Did you notice there wasn't tote bag on the list? I actually didn't run across one before I hit the magic ten - though I did see some bags.. I hope you go take a peek at what's out there and around you. There's some great talent waiting to be discovered!

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