Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Secret Life

Am I the only one done with 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager'? It started out as an interesting concept and has now dissolved into a farce with really bad acting. One teenage pregnancy would be enough but the little circle of friends now has another teenager pregnant. (Why don't they just make a pregnancy pact so we can have it all over with in one season?) I suppose it's going into the abortion/adoption/keep the baby drama but I can't get over the stale writing and the bad acting. And I find the Ashley character terribly annoying and don't know anyone who has a teen like that or anyone who lets a teen act like that and if any of the creators have a kid like that or lets their kid behave like that well, then, it should be kept a secret.

I am not so far removed from high school (or reality) that I didn't know there were pregnant girls in high school; there were, but seriously, I can count the conversations about sex my friends and I had and still have most of both h
ands left over and some of us were active.

And why aren't those kids ever in class? They are never in class. They're always in the hall maybe if they had a class they'd get their minds off of sex. Perhaps gym class would be a good place for all of them.

OK, enough of standing on that particular soap (opera) box. On to the important stuff..
.like knitting projects. I'm taking a little breather from the granny square afghan. I have 14 squares to go on that and will finish it this week so I can mail it off. The stash bust is still on so I am making another square afghan inspired by one I saw in a book. It uses knit, crochet and sewn squares. I don't have the sewn squares but as you can see by the stack on the left, knit and crochet I have. It looks like it's going to be mainly blue, but that's just because you can't see the yellows, purples and other colors that are in there. Also, it's supposed to have 42 squares and I'm up to 17 so I still have some ways to go and I and certain I will run out of the purple skein I am working on and then there's this buttercup one waiting in the wings.

I don't know if this has happened to you and maybe it's just something playing in my mind but have your ever started a skein, made all sorts of things with it and the skein just never dies? That's how I feel about this purple skein. I've made five squares so far and it was a skein that had already been started so something else was made with it and I can't tell when this puppy is going to end. The same thing with the blue skein I was knitting with before this. No wonder my stash is so big.

Here's another thing: showing some love for the crochet. Yes. I look forward to making the squares. I even started a crochet afghan until it frustrated me. It gets the same hook knitting gets - I will start over three times and if I don't make it to the end, I move on to another project. I have made a crochet afghan before - within the past few years but nothing since then. I will make it one day because I'm loving the crochet.

Don't worry - knitting still rules. More variety. More diversity of stitches. But crochet is faster (and you know I need to be faster.) Now, i know you crocheters out there will say there is a great deal of variety - OK. I have yet to discover how diverse the stitches can be, but I do have a crochet stitch guide by the wonderful Erika Knight so I am certain to find out.

In the meantime, I have to and reschedule the DVR to take off that show that could have been so useful and now is just dribble - and then I have more work to do!

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