Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Top Ten

Here is something that has not happened in the annals of the Top Ten List. I have had repeat artisans on different lists but I do not think I have ever had multiple items from the same artisans on the same list...

until today..

Golden Earrings by Unquiet Design
These are stunning. Heidi has such an eye for putting together vintage and non-vintage items and making some truly beautiful work. I already own a pair of her earrings and the ONLY reason I don't own these is so you can see them. You may thank me later.

Wheel In the Sky earrings by Unquiet Design
See above - these are so lovely.

Do Not Rest On Your Laurels by Unquiet Design
I used to have this obsession with earrings. They are my favorite piece of jewelry. The items in this shop may awaken that sleeping beast!

Little Painting by Chicago Jewels
This is actually a pendant but it has a very unique something that i can imagine wearing it with any number of scoop necked sweaters.

This is such a bright and happy object - I would not pay the asking price but maybe someone would and I think it's worth taking a look.

Breezy took me up on my offer to be a guest blogger and sent me a wonderful post. Stay tuned because it will show up on the blog soon. For the rest of you, please feel free to write an entry and send it to me via email and you, too, can be a guest blogger!

Obviously you are going to need some God sent or man made construction to keep the dress up but overall almost any figure will be flattered with this dress.

Copper Earrings by Peacock Beads
I love the color and I love the shape!

Art Deco Moth Pendant by Chinacherie
This is a beautifully crafted piece and I would love to have it!

Tote It by Loop the Loop
I have to carry the jewelry in something and it might as well be something this cool!

Lace Hoops by sweet findings for you
Seriously? You had to ask?

This will have to serve as my earring fix. I didn't know this many earrings would be on the list - you'll just have to deal with looking at beautiful, colorful, shiny objects of handcrafted goodness!

Please support local artisans in your area so they can continue to share their craft with the world!

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