Friday, June 18, 2010

Small People

In the interest of full disclosure, Mr Honey and I used to own BP stock. He sold it very recently because he saw where the situation was headed and wanted to get us out of it while we could still make money...that being said..

I am so NOT mad over the 'small people' phrase the BP chair used. C'mon y'all, you know what he meant. Between the stress of the situation and the language barrier you know he didn't mean small as in insignificant. I would bet money he and the President were talking about the small business owners and that got turned into small people. Should he have been more careful? Sure. But I don't believe he meant an insult.

I am also not mad about the US chair of BP 'wanting his life back.' I wish he had his life back, I wish we could go back and not have the whole thing happen, everyone affected wants to have their life back.

I am irritated at Elizabeth Hasselback on The View who seems to be taking an eerie kind of delight in trying to compare the oil spill to Bush's handling of Katrina as a way to snip at the President. She's saying he made promises eighteen months ago and he did nothing. Unless that rig was put in on the day President Obama took office, don't hand out that crap. It still would have blown and it would still be something we weren't prepared to deal with.

Look, we weren't watching. We weren't questioning. None of us did. We weren't concerned about regulation because we didn't think about it. There were other things on our minds. We were concerned about the economy. We were concerned about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We were concerned about Sandra and Jessie.

But we weren't thinking about there being a spill bigger than the Valdez...because we didn't think there would ever be another spill like the Valdez let alone several Valdez'.

Of course this is BP's mess to clean up and we need to make sure it doesn't happen again but that's going to take time. This disaster has opened up questions for me. Questions that have everything to do with oil drilling but nothing to do with this event.

We take oil out of the earth - and what does that do to the earth? Are we collapsing the walls of the earth because we are taking something out but not putting something back. So if oil is between two pieces of slate and is removed, what does that mean for those two pieces of slate? We've obviously been doing this for decades - do we know what we're doing?

I want the government to look into it but I can do without Senators and Congressmen acting out - they weren't watching, either. In fact, it might be worth looking into regulation legislation to see exactly what they thought and what they voted for. To hear some of them, it was like they were warning us against this all the time and we weren't listening to them.

They can stop handing out that crap, too.

Why is it taking so long? A guy I knew in college, an atheist, asked me once if God could build a rock so big that God couldn't move it? If you answered 'yes' then he said God couldn't do everything and therefore God didn't exist. If you said 'no' then God couldn't do everything and God didn't exist.

Well, the question itself is moot because we know there are things God cannot do. God cannot deny His grace. God does not lie. God does not cease to love us. God has put in His own limitations so whether he could create that rock or not doesn't disprove God.

Man, on the other hand, can create things he cannot move. He can create things he cannot fix. That's why this is taking so long. We created it but never created a solution to a problem because we never thought it would be a problem.

But it is. So we need to come up with a solution and we all need to know that while BP is the one who is in front of the mess, we all have something to do with it and it will be that much easier to create the solution if we stop creating the blame.


Melodye said...

Amen!! Well said. Maybe now we'll seriously look at other energy options.

Eryka Jackson said...

Hey Bev,

Thanks for the post. It really drills down onto some of the more complex issues that are glossed over in the media. Regarding the question the Atheist asked: No, it is not possible for God to create a rock he cannot move, because He can do all things. It was a foolish and impertinent question.

Also, as members of the Body of Christ, while worldly people caused this disaster, we can offer prayers of intersession to speed the healing. In fact, I will add it to my list tonight.

Susie said...

Well said, Bev. E Hasselback really is a wart on the butt of humanity in my opinion. Yes I know I'm not nearly as eloquent as you are but I gotta make my point!

Melissa said...

Hi Bev. As you know, I now do research and one of my recent topics was alternative energy, specifically biofuel. The growers of biofuel in the U.S. would expand the amount grown if there was a market for their product. In fact, almost all of these producers have closed their plants, declared bankruptcy or both due to lack of demand. We have the ability to reduce our dependance on oil. My theory is that because the automakers are not required by law to produce alternative fuel cars they will not produce them. It would cost them money to do this, and they don't want to spend the money on development and re-tooling. Therefore, we are stuck with oil/gas.


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