Thursday, June 17, 2010

One Moment Please

I'm having a moment. Actually, if I were having just a moment, I would probably be writing about something else - but I am having several moments and that's why there's no photo of anything over there.

I have a craft show this Saturday and I haven't yet checked to see who is coming. I may have just five vendors - I may have fifteen. My mind has been a blur of all kinds of activity and because we took two trips (Milwaukee and Pittsburgh) I have an four day lag. (I am going to blame it on vacation and not on my normal scatterbrainess.)

The wonderful Elizabeth sent me a wonderful email with feedback for the craft sales which I answered and then noticed sitting in my draft email because I didn't send it.


You gave me some great ideas Liz (some of which were already incorporated) along with some other things to plan for.

The season of sermons should be over so I don't have to write any more in the foreseeable future. We are getting a new pastor and I will meet her soon and see how my role changes.

Mostly, I have to make myself understand my top priorities and I have to put them in some kind or order so I don't make myself crazy: Health and Mr. Honey followed by the knitting/crochet thing for the balance - everything else is just gravy and gravy doesn't taste good by itself.

I don't know how you organized folks do it - I wish I did. It would also help if I overcame my natural laziness. I was born to have servants. Unfortunately, I was also born without the money to have servants so it's a vicious circle.

OK, I need to bring my brain back - take a few deep breaths and get back to the routine that worked. I made myself stay in bed for six hours (went to bed at 3 this a.m. and told myself I could not get out until the first number on the clock was a 9.) Read the first chapter of 2 Maccabees (the things we praise God for!!) and opened my schedule.

So far so good - now if life just doesn't interfere I should be able to get to completing the two special projects I have and getting Saturday ready.

How the heck does Martha do it?

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