Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So, here's the hat I was working on yesterday all finished and cute. There's a newsboy cap that also almost done.

I woke up this morning moving like a 70 year old. A 70 year old that's in bad shape. I know some 70 year olds that put me to shame. I figured it was because my workouts are all ganging up on me and making my muscles sore - which means a muscle breakthrough is just around the corner. I gave thought to not working out today but I have no workout scheduled for tomorrow so I did my workout today like a dutiful little darling and I feel so much the better for it.

Before I forget, this my drool of the day. Maybe because the color is similar to the hat I made just yesterday. I will get into making infinity scarves for all seasons. It's on my list and you know how that goes.

Did you watch the State of the Union? I watched it and the response(s. I didn't think any of the speeches were that great as far as oratory goes but the SOTU isn't an oratory speech. It's really more of a report so great oratory it wasn't but that's OK. It was different than the usual long wish list. This one seemed more rooted in reality and was really short on depth dealing with what we have in front of us. That's probably a good thing. What I took away from it was that it would be really hard for the Republicans to attack. So they attacked the president instead.

I don't dislike Republicans - I've voted for Republicans. I don't love Democrats. There are Democrats I haven't voted for. But at some point, they're going to have to change the game plan. The lack of job growth lost the house for the Democrats. It's what we do in this country. If progress from the president isn't what we like, we throw his party out of Congress. Happened to Regan. Happened to Bush. Happened to Clinton. If Obama isn't elected for a second term, it is almost certain the House will move back to the left and if the Republicans keep delaying true details instead of broad strokes, it's possible we will get that rare thing of both branches belonging to one party.

Didn't the Republicans make it seem like once they were in office that jobs would follow the next day? And yet, there is no job plan and businesses don't seem to be placing job ads all over the place. Huh, imagine that.

And Michelle Bachmann? What is with people trying to rewrite history? So much for her presidential aspirations. Who is she gonna run with - Haley Barbour? So the founding fathers eliminated slavery, did they? Sally Hemmings turned over in her grave and slapped Thomas Jefferson for not telling her she was free.

God, I hope she doesn't knit.

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