Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day by Day

I was reading older posts (I sometimes do that just to see what I was up to) when I came across this photo under a posting called 'Nine Day Afghan'. The idea was that I would complete this afghan in nine days by doing a strip a day then sewing them all together.

It took 20 days. Still not bad considering how big that afghan turned out to be. But that's not the thing that got me. That post was done in 2008 - February 2008. Almost thre
e years ago and this is one of those instances where I know the fate of this afghan.

Eventually the afghan made it into the shop where it remained. I blame the fact that it did not sale on my lack of marketing skills - I blame the fact for very few things selling on my marketing skills - it's really a stunning piece. But no one purchased it. So Joe selected it as the afghan to give to our neighbors for their wedding present.

So the afghan is next door. Now would be such a great time to put a photo of our neighbors with the afghan - alas, I did not know I was going to be writing this until I started writing this and could not plan. It being 8 on a Saturday morning, that happens to be the first day of the new year, I'm thinking it's not a good idea to stroll over with my camera and ask for one.

Somehow this reminds me of when Mr. Honey moved out of his parents' house. And moved right next door. We live next door to the house he grew up in - the same house the afghan now resides in. I'm sure it's cosmic though I cannot quite explain how. It would be more obvious if he knit the afghan but still...

I hope they enjoy that afghan. I can remember the work that went into it and how proud I was to tackle something like that on my own. The first time was a group effort and all I made was a strip of it. Come to think of it, I may not have been asked to do a strip at all. Memory fails. But I did all of this one and it's next door hopefully keeping the newlyweds cozy. Maybe they'll let me visit.

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Treasure Seeker said...

Happy New Year Sis! I love the's very artful - rather "painterly" in the abstract sense.

I can't believe how close our resolves are for this year. Now that I think of it,however, I shouldn't be surprised. (How is it that no matter how long or how far we Cotton Sibs are apart, the closer we seem to get?)

2011 finds me resolved to reconnect with my artful self more purposefully and to be far more healthful. It strikes me, not surprisingly I suppose, that we share so much artistically. Along with writing, my artistic bent is towards the fabric kind. I look forward to talking with you more this year and sharing more about our creations. Much love to you and Mr. Honey.


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