Friday, January 28, 2011


My drool of the day. My brother-in-law and his wife gave me a painting for Christmas - now hanging in the dining room. I went on line to try and find it for sale so I could share it but no such luck. But I did find this little bit of art that I think is great.

The fabulous Melissa was expecting she would be the subject of at least a section of my post yesterday because I threatened warned told her that would be the case and then I didn't post yesterday because stuff happens.

But had I posted about the fabulous Melissa it would have been because she has been cursed with Finishitis. That is the condition when you get near the end of a project and you just want it over and done. She is working on a Christmas present - before you stand in awe of her organizational skills, let me point out it is for Christmas 2010 and not Christmas 2011 - she is putting together squares of an afghan. This is one of those ugly duckling patterns. It wasn't that impressive when the squares were on their own but she placed some together during knit night Wednesday and it was really impressive but she is ready for that thing to be done.

I am glad to know I am not the only one who suffers from this and I am glad I was not in the throes of the disease so I could enjoy seeing her go through it.

The hat in the photo was the hat I started Wednesday night and finished it yesterday. Crochet is fast. I finally got to use the green yarn that has been in my stash since the beginning of my knitting phase. I don't even remember the brand name. It's somewhat stiff but if I steam it, I think it would ease up somewhat.

On the needles right now is another slouch hat that I am making in cotton. I am making it in Camouflage and it should look really cute - I guess I don't want to use cute as I am making it with a guy in mind. But guys don't mind being cute do they?

On another note, I didn't have a workout scheduled yesterday and the first thing on my mind this morning was making sure I got up and got my workout in right away so i didn't fall off the wagon. It takes about three weeks to make a habit something that sticks and I wanted to make sure it stuck. So, I got up and did my workout and my thighs are talking to me. It's a good feeling - used to have this feeling a lot but it took more of a workout to get it. The muscle breakthrough didn't happen during this workout but maybe next time. I'm thrilled I stepped back into the plan. Yeah for me.

I am hoping to get some shop quality photos done with the pile of finished objects I have so I can get them into the shop. That's my goal for the weekend and I have more knitting/crochet to do. Today will be the warmest day of the next seven days - a whopping 33 degrees - and the sun is shining so now is the best time to get those photos done and to move the car from the side street to the front of the house. I'm sitting in the living room with the blinds open and sunshine is streaming in. Makes that snow look like I could almost like it. Almost.

Have a great weekend!

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