Monday, January 31, 2011

The Big One

They say a blizzard is coming. They say we should expect more than a foot of snow. This is Chicago - you can't even bury a body here in just a foot of snow. A foot of snow is nothing.
Oh, wait..they changed it to 18 inches - now that's the start of something.

Today is sunny and bright. I feel as if I should make a trip to Joann, Michael's and The Woolly Lamb since they are all on a line with each other and stock up since we will not be able to move out of the house for the next few days. I have
already asked Mr. Honey if he is prepared to call in Wednesday morning and he just shrugged it off. I remember he drove me to a hair appointment when there was a foot of snow on the roads - not just on the sidewalk - but on the road. He can make it just fine.

I still have the urge to shop, though. The fact that I have $3.18 in my wallet is just a minor detail. The fact I have more yarn in my stash than any of the those stores is non-consequential. That I have a resolution to break the stash is a bothersome nag on my integrity gene.

Here is the camouflage hat. I like the slouchy-ness of it. It's kinda cool in the camouflage and can probably come in handy in the snow that's coming our way. Don't tell me there hasn't been climate change that's man made and not good. 30 states will have snow on the same day. It's fascinating and scary.
I have another slouch hat on the needles. The Camo is in cotton the one on the needles is acrylic and in purple.

I crocheted a teen slouchy hat for my 13 year old friend, Victoria, I told her I would make it for her but she would have to let me take pics of her in it. I will see her on Sunday and hopefully I will be able to show it of. I made the smaller size cuz she's little, so hoping it will fit her head.

I'm hoping the weather prediction will be off and we don't get socked but if we do then I am hoping since we are entering February that it will be the last big storm we see. I hope you're safe wherever you are and if you're in a warmer clime, think fondly upon the rest of us.

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