Wednesday, January 5, 2011

See What Happened Was...

Happy birthday to my sister, Carole....I got involved with a lot of stuff because of my sister: I did theatre (not the theater - those are movies. I haven't done a movie - though I did do a commercial)because of my sister. I took French in high school because of my sister.I didn't think boys were yucky because of my sister...OK, that part's not true - I never thought boys were yucky.

My sister is a world traveler and an educator and still manages to be fun. She is one of my rocks - keeping me grounded and one of my pillars - encouraging me to reach. I still feel like a baby sister when I'm around her and that's not a bad thing. There are worse things in the world than being a baby sister - like being a baby sister without a big sister like her.

I can so thoroughly explain why the square afghan is not going to be made for the family Christmas on the 22nd...

Now before you start on me about not being focused or lazy or any of those other things I want to state emphatically that it was not either one of those.
As you may recall, I said there were other things that also needed to get done and I wanted to make sure there was enough time to get those things done as well. After thinking about it, I decided I needed to at least get started on those things so there would not be this mad last minute rush. Besides, there are now a dozen squares so it's not like I'm a slacker. I've been working on this:

I think this would make a gorgeous gift for the mother of the bride/groom for a wedding or for a new mother. It's kind of easy to get lost in the pattern and I have a couple of times. That's two days worth of work that I may have to frog and start all over because I'm bothered by the rows where the count was off. It is so true that lace work is best done with the t and v off. I will have to work on this without the visual distraction. But here's the good thing; it took two days to get this done, the redo will be much shorter, I will probably be able to get this amount done - correctly - in half the time because I am more familiar with the pattern. Some good will come out of it. The time is not wasted, it was used in study.

So you can see why working on this might
delay the squares? But wait, there's more: I've completed these:
don't tell me you don't think these are cute. I know cute when i see it and these definitely are. I did one of the numbers with intarsia and one with duplicate stitch to see which one was easier - duplicate stitch won out though I was a little rusty on the technique but i still like the results.

See? I wasn't being a slacker and I am still working on the squares (there are even two sewn together and two more on the blocking boards) but I needed a bit of a distraction - you know how that goes when you're working on a long project. You need to turn your head just a little so when you train your vision back on the object, it's with a new focus. How about that for spin?


hachemc said...

If you're a slacker than what does that make me a super uber slacker?
Seriously, great work especially on the lace, it gorgeous and you have a lot more patience than I do for such intricate work...
Like your story... I have the fortune of being both a younger sister and an older sister (middle child syndrome) and I understand your appreciation for your sister. There's simply nothing like it...

Beverly said...

you, my darling, are far from a one who goes through law school and passes the bar can be a slacker!


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