Saturday, January 29, 2011

Going Home

I admit there are times when I don't know what to call my posts. I suppose I could wait until I write it and then think of a name but why should I be logical? So when I don't know what to name my posts, I give it the title of the song that's playing on my computer media player and that's why this one is titled Going Home. I could now try and make the post fit the title but that logic things comes into play again.

My drool of the day is this knitted shawl. Lovely, just lovely. Yeah, Yarncolture!

I'm project - less. That isn't to say there aren't some wips lying around because there are two afghans and some other stuff that's not done yet but I don't feel like picking those up. Thus, I am project - less. I did a lot of photos yesterday and while today isn't as sunny as yesterday, it is a little warmer, or rather, not as cold. Believe me, there's a difference between the two and if I have to explain it that only means you live in a warmer climate and I'm not sure any explanation would suffice.

I was thinking about doing some more stuff in cotton. More spa stuff - maybe something for Valentine's Day - for couples. It's a thought. I like working with the cotton - didn't think about it much before cuz I thought all it was good for was washcloths and I didn't put too much thought into that. But since I made the soap bag and the slouch hat, I have to say it's a good medium. The wonderful April gave me a pattern for a bikini and that's made of cotton and seems like a lot of fun to create.

Then there's the 100% Pima cotton fiber that I have about two dozens skeins of. I still don't know what to do with that. The swimsuits would look good in those but this stuff is thin! I think any liner would have more depth than the fiber. On the other hand, it is DK weight and there's stuff I can do with that, I am sure.

A cold seems to be making its way through the house. I have a sore throat and now a runny nose and Mr. Honey insisted he had a fever this morning when he languished in bed. He was supposed to make dinner last night and instead he stayed in bed with orders that I 'eat his leftovers' from our date night. No, don't think so. This morning, when he is usually out of the bed before me on a Saturday, he was in bed until after 10. He said he felt warm so he must have a fever. I told him he would feel cold if he had a fever but I offered to get the thermometer and take his temp.

98.6 on the dot.

When I told him what it said, he pulled back the covers, got dressed, went grocery shopping and is at this very moment sitting in the dining room eating chicken noodle soup and potato chips. To be fair, he does have some congestion and a cough. But apparently the lack of a fever ended all plans for the pity party he was planning with me as the party planner.

I was so looking forward to that.

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