Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm Still Here

I know it's been a week since I've been here....some of you may not be able to forgive me, hence, the two less followers that were there just a week ago. It's been an interesting week of recovery and thinking.

I still don't know what I w
ant to be when I grow up.

I don't know how to tell when I've grown up.

I was also trying to do something with Yang ribbon yarn and I tried something three times and it hasn't worked so the yarn is now back in a ball and I have nothing on the needles.

Nothing? You say. What about the shawl that never ends. It's ended. Cuz I stopped it. Now, not onl
y do I not want to complete it. I'm actually bored with it. I did manage to make another hat and two hand puppets. I tried taking a photo with one hand and the puppet on the other and it was really bad so I will have to wait until Mr. Honey gets up from his respite and he can be the puppet. So no photos of anything today.

I also did a ruffle scarf - so it's not like I've been idle.

The big thing is that I've worked out just about every day - six days a week. I'm waiting for the temp outside to hit 35- 40 and I can add walking to my workouts.

The easy chair is filled with items
I've made since the beginning of December. Here's the list:
Lion puppet
Ripple afghan
ruffle scarf
Frog puppet
turquoise scarflette
turquoise fingerless mitts
brown slouch beret
green slouch beret
variegated beret
child's poncho
soap sack - which i forgot i made
turquoise hat
golf club covers
crochet hat
purse with bead handle
four baby bibs
and several squares
blue bohemian afghan

Apparently, I like knitting and crochet. Maybe I can do something with that when I grow up.
Yes, there is a snow blower in that box cuz Mr. Honey wanted a snow blower to handle the snow but he feels the snow we've gotten wasn't sufficient enough to use it - even though it was sufficient enough to use the other snow blower. Don't ask me. I just love the guy.

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