Sunday, January 9, 2011

Twilight Zone

So, I decided I needed to take pics of the projects that are finished and will find their way into the online shop and I have that wonderful camera that has the fancy settings including the face recognition setting. I wasn't surprised when it focused in on the face because it looks like a face. However, I was a little surprised by what happened next.

I took the picture, then the screen flashed a message that caused some pause because the message said:

Blink detected.

Ponder the possibilities. It happened three times in a row. it could have been the cold weather. But I've been very nice to this head ever since. Just in she blinked.

Not only did I take photos of the hat, there's a neck warmer, a child's poncho and an afghan. There's a lot that can go into the shop so the fact that the shawl is taking longer and everything else is taking longer isn't driving me as crazy as it would if I didn't have them. Of course, that's not necessarily a wide margin.

I'm working on baby bibs. I have some cotton yarn and I want to use it up and baby things are something I need to work on. I also need to....purchase some DK weight do baby booties. But before I break the resolution, I have some DK weight yarn from when I purchased a lot to dye. So, I will use that first. Hopefully by the time I get to it, it will be time to purchase yarn again. I will be going back to the shawl today. I had to take my eye away from it because it requires so much concentration.

I am also working on other things: a StitchCraft newsletter, a reworking of my website (don't quite know what I want it to be) and sticking with the resolutions. My brain is a little fried but it is part of fear facing.

My drool of the day is this scarf by badanartisan. It's funky and retrofresh. Check it out and give the girl some views to her shop!

I'm going off to the knitting needles and the shawl and baby bib. Hopefully, something will get done today!!

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