Friday, March 5, 2010

Ain't Nothing Going On But The Rent

Nuthin'. I ain't got nuthin...I haven't purchased any new yarn (well, except for the stuff I got mebbe a week ago, but I'm not talking about that.)

The granny squares are still going strong. I decided to pick five colors (plus the unifying color so I guess that's six) and make squares and will then fill in a new color when one runs out. That should help me with the stash bust. I am also going to try and make the squares from a pattern in a book as opposed to the freelance ones I've been making...I know kinda exciting.

Please send good wishes my way as the Craft Cafe gets closer. I always think I haven't done enough. I sent the press releases and I have to send another notice to all the churches and school and libraries and the banner, of course. I am hoping already for good weather and Mr. Honey and I are going to go over the seating arrangements and then I will have to get on to the business of promoting the April show before i see the results of the March sale.

Tell me again why I got into this?

On another kinda quirky note - I have a Chinese reader - or someone who sends me messages in Chinese. It's always a quote of some kind and it doesn't always fit the post. I checked out the blog of the writer (it's in Chinese, of course, so I can't read it - but thank God for Google Translate..)

I really can use your good wishes and prayers. I want this to be successful for me (sure) but for those who have invested money and time to start this off on a nice foot. And the church has been supportive as well. Two weeks from tomorrow..that's the day!

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Susie said...

Sending good NYC karma vibes your way, Bev. I'm sure it's gonna be great!


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