Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just Like Jesse James

When you begin a project you make a promise - sometimes spoken, most times not - that you will take that project from start to finish and endeavor to faithfully execute the office of crafter.

I want to tell you before it hits In Touch magazine or at least Easy Knitting: I've cheated on the big granny square afghan.
Oh, I was pretty deceptive. I spent time with it over the past few days and even this morning I added another strip. I treated it tenderly but there was no denying that last night I was with another afghan.
I couldn't help it. I needed a bit of a fix. I was on edge - feeling a little depressed about the craft show and thinking of a way to make amends to the participants and the yarn I purchased to make another granny square afghan strolled in my view - someone it made it from the trunk of the car to the living room.
The other afghan wasn't looking at the moment and I gave in to the temptation of the making the granny square on a white background and crocheting them together as we went along.
Despite any promise I may have made to be faithful to the one project I'm working on - there was no resistance to the easy temptation just four colors and created joining gave to me.

I was like Eve in the apple orchard - I was taking little bites all over the place. That was last night. This morning, as I gave thought to heading back to the new flame, the old flame touched my heart and I placed the sixth strip onto the other five and counted how many more squares I would need to make one more complete strip and if that would be all I needed. I came back home contrite and humble and ready to make amends with the afghan I had abandoned so close to the finish line.
I know the secret is out about the other granny but so far there has been no talk of a separation - they even seem to be getting along but better not to risk it. The new flame will just have to simmer while I go the distance with my first afghan love.

It's the right thing to do - a promise is a promise.

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