Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Making God Laugh

The plan was to restock the Etsy store today. To use the new bookkeeping software I have and place items in inventory, take (or retake) their photograph to place in the shop and in the inventory in the new software and get a fresh start...
I got up (before 7am, I might add), dressed went downstairs, read a passage from the Bible (the passage where two of the disciples wanted Jesus to save them the choice seats in Heaven with Jesus giving the Jack Nicholas equivalent of 'You can't handle the truth!') and after turning on the PC and doing my Cafe World and Farmville thing (don't
ask, cousins and old friends got me caught up in that!) I went to take a peek outside to see the weather and I heard God laugh..

Rain. No complaints because it could be snow and I would like to think Spring is early and the snow is done. And it's not that being overcast is bad because an overcast day can sometimes be
better for photos than a sunny day depending on what or who you're taking pictures of.

But rain means wet and I usually drape my items on the chair Mr. Honey's brother made us for Christmas years ago - yes, that Adirondack chair was handmade by Mr. Honey's brother, Mr. Sweet. So, I have to come up with a back up plan because today the heavens had a different plan for the earth than I did and I have to be the one to adapt.

I'm thinking I'll roll a chair out to the porch and drape items over it and get the best of the world: natural mood lighting, a covered porch so I would protection and slightly different look to the photos.

God still laughs but maybe not so much at me as with me.

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