Monday, March 29, 2010

Instant Classic

I don't know how they did it. Back in the day when knitting and quilting wasn't done for fun - it was done because folks were cold and they needed something to keep them warm because there was no thermostat to turn up.

Back then, they did have granny squares and used them to make the necessary beautiful not just to make a beautiful piece. I
admire them as I made this for nothing but love.

I have some of the afghans Mr. Honey's mom made and I see simple patterns with a nice array of colors. She made hers for the recreation but there's something of a functionality to them as well. The one on his chair has the squares arranged randomly and it doesn't matter if two squares of the same color are next to each other.

I love the mosaic feel to this one and at the same time, I like that the next one uses only four colors and will not be quite so rustic. I also agree that using a dark color other than black for the background makes the colors pop in a more dynamic way. All of the M-I-L afghans have a black background and they are handsome
but the black makes a blend that doesn't happen with another dark color. Interesting the things you learn.

This afghan is huge. It is 9x9 and the squares are 7 inches each. That should go on a bed just fine. It's not going on my bed, we already have a hand crocheted cover from one of the M-I-L's best friends. This will go up for sale in the shop. Can't wait to see how this prices out: 3 skeins of one pound and about 15 different colors. This will be exciting. Believe it or not, I don't think it will price out to $100.

A nifty instant classic heirloom for someone.


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